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Term Paper Topics on Science and Technology

  • A Recent Discovery about the Center of the Galaxy.

This paper discusses the discovery of a black hole in our own Galaxy the Milky Way. 

  • A Literary Criticism of "Frankenstein": Using Three Perspectives for Assessment Purposes.

Choosing this paper  topic when I pay someone to do my homework a writer explores three forms of literary critique identifying Frankenstein and its traits in order to demonstrate that this process is successful: The three genres are assessed in terms of a formal, a historical, and a feminist perspective.

  • A Longing for Place: The History of Navigation.

This paper examines the history of navigation. 

  • A Look at The Website of the WHO.

This paper takes a critical look at the website of the World Health Organization. It concludes that the site is poorly designed and does not reflect a positive image of the organization. While it does house useful information, the navigation is not consistent, logical, or user friendly. Some useful suggestions for improvement are made.

  • A Shrinking World: The Distinction between Virtual and Physical Distance.

This paper will be argued, when people speak of a "shrinking world" or a "global village" they are more often speaking of a virtually shrinking world bound together by communication networks, as opposed to a physically shrinking world bound together by transportation networks.

  • Substance and a Bundle of Properties.

This essay according to the experts from pay for essay writing service discusses if there is anything to a substance over and above a bundle of properties. This question concerns the bundle theory, which states that an object is a bundle, or collection, of properties. 

  • ATM Network.

This is a paper that describes the concepts and structure of ATM and the operations involved in its interface and security. 

  • ATM: Intelligent Networking for Scalable Enterprise Networks.

This piece is a brief analysis of implementing ATM networking technology. In the piece, the author discusses why implementing ATM makes sense for a mid-sized corporate enterprise and some of the issues involved in upgrading. The author then suggests three areas potential upgraders need to consider before taking the plunge.

  • Abortion, Justice and Bioethics.

This paper examines the issue of abortion in terms of justice and bioethics. When is performing an abortion just or unjust to the mother and when is it just or unjust to the fetus are the two questions considered.

  • Albert Einstien an Intellectual

Summary: This paper will define what an intellectual is in the literal sense. It will also define Albert Einstein as an intellectual using the technical definition. Then the not define part of an intellectual will be defined by myself and I will incorporate why I think Albert Einstein fits all this criteria as well. I will tie the two together to summarize what I think an intellectual is and why I feel that way. I will also add into the summary why I think Albert Einstein is the best example of what an intellectual is.

  • American Technology.

This is a paper that considers what constitutes American technology. The short essay argues that it is not a matter of the tools or the mechanisms being born on American soil. Rather, it is the transformation of the technology through American attitudes and aspirations that makes a technology American.


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